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Happiness Questionnaire

Will You Be A Happy Retiree?

You can learn which retiree group you fall into along with several suggestions that might help you tune up your money happiness quotient. Enter your email to take Wes’ exclusive Money & Happiness Quiz.

10 Habits of Happy Retirees

10 Habits of Happy Retirees

Learn the five financial and five lifestyle habits of Capital’s happy retirees.

Dream Retirement Quiz

What Is Your Retirement Personality?

Tell us your lifestyle preferences and we’ll guess your retirement personality.

101 retirement tips

101 Retirement Tips eBook

Given our years of advising thousands of retirees, our firm, Capital Investment Advisors, has put together this short guide to help you plan for a long, happy retirement.

Core Pursuit Finder

Core Pursuit Finder

If you’re currently scratching your head when asked how you’ll spend your newfound free time in retirement, this free quiz will help you find ideas on new hobbies, activities, and adventures you can test out before or in retirement.

The 5 Money Secrets of the Happiest Retirees Workbook

The 5 Money Secrets of the Happiest Retirees Workbook

This compliment to Wes Moss’ book, You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think, dives into the five money secrets of the happiest retirees. Learn how you can implement these strategies in your life to become a happier retiree.

Dry Powder Calculator

Dry Powder Calculator

In finance, dry powder means the cash reserves a company or individual maintains to meet obligations in times of economic stress. At my firm, Capital Investment Advisors, we translate this for the happiest retirees. Use our Dry Powder Calculator to see how many years of dry powder your portfolio holds.

Wes Moss Retirement Calculator

Retirement Calculator

Will you have enough to retire? Use our Retirement Calculator to learn more about your retirement options. It works backwards to understand the differences between retirement income and retirement expenses, then outlines what an investor needs to save annually (if anything) to achieve their goal.


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