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#21 – How Conservatively Do I Need to Invest As I Get Older? The 15/50 Stock Rule

Lately we’ve been inundated with news of people becoming millionaires overnight. 2021 has been the year of the ‘meme’ stock and this phenomenon has made it even more difficult for investors to keep their eye on the ball. For example, AMC recently announced a new program offering perks for shareholders which sent the stock through the roof. This new form of shareholder activism can be exciting but it’s not always a durable investment strategy for long-term investing.

Today we’ll discuss the 15/50 Stock Rule, which helps guide investors in maintaining a balance between risk and reward according to their time horizon. The 15/50 portfolio idea has been around for decades, championed by Columbia Business School professor Benjamin Graham (mentor to famed billionaire investor Warren Buffet), as well as Vanguard founder, John Bogle. In this episode, we’ll focus on the conversation soon-to-be retirees are likely having which is, ‘how much as a percentage of our portfolio should we have in stocks over time?’


More on the 15/50 Stock Rule: 

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